RIFT Astrophotography Workshop


Beachside Park
Beachside Dr, Burns Beach WA 6028


August 1st @ 7:30pm
(This Thursday)


What to bring

Absolutely Essential

  1. Camera / DSLR / Phone with manual controls (Ask us if you aren’t sure)

  2. A wide lens preferably with a large aperture (F/1.4 - F/4)

  3. Tripod (Look up DIY phone tripods if you need ideas)

Good Ideas

  1. A head torch helps HEAPS

  2. Warm clothes

  3. Spare shoes / socks incase a wave surprises you



Let us know you’ll be there! Feel free to bring along friends too - there’s usually plenty of shooting stars around.

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Not sure if your camera or phone is up to the task? Let us know what you have and we'll help you figure it out.
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